My Between the Waters Experience

Guest Post by Rebecca Dymock

I have lived in the Lowcountry of South Carolina for about nine years. The pluff mud-covered marsh areas and big arching trees draped in Spanish moss have always been so beautiful to me. Now that I have worked on the Between the Waters project, I have an even greater appreciation for areas like this. Thanks to the Between the Waters website I have been able to connect and learn from this place through the use of technology. Using the website I have traveled around the Hobcaw House and through Friendfield Village.

Hobcaw House Den

I had no idea this gorgeous place existed before interning here at ETV. Hobcaw is a rich area, serving as a crossroads of so many important moments in history. This project is such a unique learning tool that I have been so lucky to participate in. I am still finding new information in the back corners of Hobcaw bedrooms and hidden in pop-ups along the King’s Highway.

King’s Highway

Traveling through the website provides such a comfortable way of learning. I have been able to explore the site through specific topics or through areas of the land. As a college student, I think learning should take this shape more often. This site seems to have endless areas of information covering a wide variety of interests. If professors used resources like this more often, it could help students to be more interactive with their subject material. For instance, I would have a much better experience exploring a site like this and reporting on a topic that interested me than I would citing material from a textbook. Resources like this would allow students to see more clearly how the different chapters of history actually fit together outside of their books.

Joshua Shubrick, Hobcaw Witness, walks along a road in Friendfield Village.

Hobcaw Barony is a perfect example of how clearly you can still see the remnants of many ages of history in just one place. Because the Between the Waters website seems almost infinite, we created a scavenger hunt through Facebook in order to provide an easy route for people to explore the site. Each week we post a photo and a task. The photo serves as a starting point for participants to find the answer (photo, phrase or video clip) that week. We have even put together great prizes for the winners! I think the scavenger hunt has been a great way to get people to visit the site and see all of the information that Hobcaw has to offer. I have really enjoyed interacting with our winners who express their love for the area.

Logan house in Friendfield Village

So many people have shared how much they appreciate the ability to view Hobcaw Barony from the comfort of their home and I have become one of them! Between the Waters has been an incredible experience to be a part of. I cannot believe how much important history is located so close to where I live. As I’m sure is true for many others, the website has inspired me to visit Hobcaw Barony in person and I cannot wait until I get the chance to!

Landscape of Hobcaw Barony

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